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Round 4, Session 5 Recap

Craig! Craig decided after some general tooling that he would modify an existing platforming engine for his Alpanist game. I have to say, its really, really pretty looking. It has a lovely sparse aesthetic, and some nice little touches visually that really bring you into it like: the background scrolling, moody sky and rippling scarf of the main character. Craig talked about some of the issues he was having working with a moded engine…namely figuring out the ins and outs. His solution of visually filling in the normal function of “jump to this block” with snow, was a great idea. It really feels like his character is climbing a mountain. Currently Craig is working on how to speed things up a bit but still keep a steady pace in the game’s timing and frame rates. He hopes to have more functionality and some more details in it by the end of the AGI.

Miguel! Miguel is currently working on his “swap weapons” function. He says he’s behind due to a ton of work things, but what he has looks like a really neat way to work with another player. The base of this is pretty strong, and the butler looks really awesome. I can’t wait to see this thing with some sound cues.

Myfanwy! Lud the Spud is coming along. Currently there’s two type of views, a street view that you can side scroll and explore, and a room view you see when you go into a building. Myfanwy sighted some weird back and forth with some of gamemaker’s functionality, and talked about getting the rolling on her potato to work a bit better. The death screen is pretty awesome looking, and she’s hoping to work in some rubber room bounce effects.

Daphne! Daphne’s game about grants took a total 180. Rather than continue on a talking / exploring based adventure game, she decided to mod the engine from the tutorial 1945, and is planning on implementing some staplers and other strange flying objects. She sighted doing this because it was more fun, bother for her, and for potential players.

Phil! Phil’s text adventure game is getting decently fleshed out. the writing is pretty amusing and has a solid voice. The character conversations are pretty interesting. So far you can look, examine, and do some general interacting. It was suggested that Phil work in a few more visual text cues and leading language, as Miguel spent a good amount of time trying to make the various characters lick things….to sadly no avail.

Nadine! Nadine’s raccoon game is at a decent playable stage and still needs some general tweaking. She’s still running on programmer art though. She mentioned that she is pretty behind on the visual part, but is hoping to catch up over the next while. So far you can run around, gain life, get chased by mean cats, and feed your pups by transferring part of your health to them.

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