Artsy Games Incubator banner by Rosemary Mosco


Most recently: “A group of experimental, pretension-free video game artists in Toronto is redefining the gaming industry.” Maisonneuve

We’ve received a flattering amount of attention for the project from some prominent industry blogs:

“It’s a great cross-media idea… More of this, please.” Toronto Spawns Artsy Games Incubator on GameSetWatch

“As much as I like talking about games, the real joy comes from making them. I wish there was one of these in every city!” Derek Yu on TIGSource

“One sure way of injecting new life into the gaming scene is by bringing in contributors from outside the industry. The Artsy Games Incubator is looking to do just that, by providing artists with the tools to create their own indie games.” Game Support Group Turns Artists Into Devs on

“The Incubator uses assignments, deadlines and peer support to encourage confidence and productivity.” Q & A: The Artsy Games Incubator on

And happily, this attention has lead to write ups on some of the games we produced:

“Your actions are fully narrated by the protagonist’s voiceover. The poor fellow is, it seems, trapped in a Lovecraftian fiction, and he tells you all about it, from your failure to reload, to missing your shots. He’s going mad, and you have to hear about his plight. Well worth playing, if just for those bleak comedic utterances ” –Night of the Cephalopods on Rock Paper Shotgun

“Snow is absolutely lovely. Believe it or not, being a cute hipster from Toronto was my secret dream. I’d like to see some more hyper-realist minimal episodes with a moral…. Baby runs this mofo is brilliant…” – Paolo from Molleindustria

…and also to coverage of an event we co-ordinated along with the Toronto Indie Game Development Jam, Artcade:

“Thank goodness for people like Jim Munroe for running things like the Artsy Game Incubator.

The Incubator is a collaborative game development group for artists and people who want to make games but have no technical skills (or not enough) that uses simple and accessible tools to allow their game concepts to be developed.

The group is about creativity, first and foremost, and the gathering it held the weekend before the Ontario Game Summit/Game On: Finance, Artcade, could not have been more different from the conferences that followed.” Toronto’s Artcade No Nostalgia Trip on GameSetWatch

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