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Session 1
Everyone is to bring an idea for a game, realized to the best of your abilities, that you’ll share with the other members of the AGI. Use visuals if you like, but a verbal description is fine too. Essentially you want the other members to be able to “see” the game and what it would be like to play it. Give it a title. You will not be expected to make this game, unless you want to, so don’t feel constrained by what you think is possible — just imagine what you consider to be a cool and interesting game, and be able to discuss it.

Spend no less than an hour, no more than two, on this.

Session 2
Using the in-game editor and following this tutorial create a level for the 2d physics platformer N. You will need to play this (very difficult) game a bit to get the sense of what it can do, and if it’s not to your taste to create an “action” level consider Mare’s comments here and try your hand at a puzzle or a “Don’t Do Anything” (a level that functions as a Rube Goldberg machine). Tip: it’s best to test a “sketch” version of it first and test it to see how it works, then fill in the details.

Spend no more than 2 hours on this.

Session 3
Revise and post your N level at NUMA using the feedback you got at the last session.

Choose one of the games that comes with a default installation of Scratch. Mod it in some way that makes it your own: change the graphics, the sound, the gameplay, whatever it takes. You may want to try out some of the tutorials, or just start changing the code blocks on your own.

Start thinking about an idea for an original game that you’ll be starting in sessions 4-6. Depending on the type of game you’re interested in making we’ll look at the tool options in this session.

One hour on the revision/posting, two hours on the modding.

Session 4
Revise and post your Scratch mod to the community. It automatically converts it to a java applet that is playable within a web browser and embeddable on blogs etc.

Depending on what kind of original game you want to make, download Game Maker (arcade), Inform 7 (text/graphic adventure) Adventure Game Studio (graphic adventure/ arcade). You can also use Scratch. Spend some time getting to know the app (perhaps via the tutorial, looking at the other games folks have made with it) and consider its usability, the quality of its forums/support materials, and what platforms it eventually compiles to.

Once you’ve picked your tool, create and import some of the sounds and graphics that your game will be using. Then get one interaction working.

Revision/posting: one hour. Trying the different tools: one hour. Graphics/sound/one interaction: one hour.

Session 5
Get your game into a playable state. Rough is fine. You want to be able to let the other members play your game at this session and for you to get some feedback, rather than be explaining what the interactions will be.

Spend three hours on this.

Session 6
With the feedback you get and your own vision of the game, polish it up. Ideally you will integrate instructions somehow and have a titlescreen and end state.

Spend at least three hours on this.

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