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Round 4, Session 2 Recap

The team met again over delicious snacks to go over their N-level creations. The group discussed the challenges they faced and shared the quirks and fun bits they discovered as they acquainted themselves with the software.

The group checked out a few videos about N-level games on Youtube, then played each other’s N levels to offer feedback.


  • Repeating patterns on the screen, while visually harmonious, can be hard to navigate
  • Tell a story with each level
  • An interesting approach would be to use an existing level as an entry point by adding multiple doors to different levels throughout the game
  • When manipulating the text files, it’s important to keep structure intact and avoid adding too many spaces. Otherwise, the layout of the screen will shift, destroying your handywork and making the game impossible to play in some cases.
  • Too many foes concentrated in one area (especially if they launch rockets or zap you with lazers) can make a level impossible to beat. Aim for a tough N level, not a suicide trap – though the group found that as long as the ninja gets to the door (even if it’s in multiple pieces) s/he will make it to the next level
  • Another interesting approach is to create a level that minimizes the use of physics and tricks, and pushes the player to utilize more precision (i.e. a series of quickly timed jumps instead of relying on wall sliding)


Miguel went over the components of Scratch, by downloading a few games and disecting them in the editor box. The group learned how to combine commands, upload sounds and graphics, duplicate scripts, etc.

After reviewing several games including The Kraken Dreams and Grab that Chedda, Yo!, the team headed home with a greater understanding of their task.





Craig // N vs Superbrothers



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  1. These levels look delicious; will there be links to download them?

  2. I’ll check with everyone, no reason why not that I can see.

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