May 222007

Click for picturesIn a nutshell: one of the best nights ever. The advance screening for Infest Wisely on Friday drew about 250 people, people who laughed at the right spots and didn’t laugh at the rough spots. Quite unique for me — at my book launches people buy the book, go away and read it, and then I find out how they enjoyed it months later. With this, at the end of the event a roomful of people had seen the whole thing from beginning to end.

Today, we’re releasing the first of the seven Infest Wisely episodes, Obsolete — we’ll be posting one a week until all seven are online. This ep was directed by Jon Sasaki, who years ago helped articulate the work-with-what-ya-got approach of the Novel Amusements project. It was an approach that served us well on the set of Obsolete — when the batteries for the shotgun mic died we used a MP3 player and a lapel mic to get secondary sound.

Click through for some pictures of the screening and the q&a afterwards.Sitting room only!The post-movie q&a with the directors.

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