Oct 202008

Time Management for Anarchists started as a seminar I did at a zine fair five years ago, so I’m happy to be launching this comic at Canzine this Sunday. After doing the seminar a bunch of times, I did a Flash animation where judging by the traffic and the comments, various non-anarchist folks found it useful/enjoyable. So I worked with Marc Ngui and comic publisher IDW to start on a comic adaptation of it to see how it’d work for a broader audience, and Diamond is shipping the results to comic shops soon (#OCT084221).

For folks involved in anarchist groups or infoshops, I’d like to send you some free copies. Just drop a line and let me know who and where you are.

You can also read a free PDF of the 22 page comic (archive.org direct download | legaltorrent bittorrent). I’d be happy to chat about the various controversial issues it brings up in the comments!

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  1. Time Management for Anarchists — the free comic…

    My friend Jim Munroe’s just adapted his fantastic slideshow, “Time Management for Anarchists” into a free, Creative Commons-licensed comic: Time Management for Anarchists, a comic offering productivity tips for creative malcontents, has just been re…

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I have a lot to think about now.

  3. Hello. I’m downloading the PDF to check it. But I was interested in the flash animation. Assuming that is in english, have you considered to put it in other languages, say, spanish? My knowledge of putting captions / subtitles into videos is very little, but I guess I can help in translation (to spanish).


  4. I found a link o this on boingboing.net – thanks for sharing.

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  6. Today around lunch I sent this to my wife, who’s been miserable about work for a long time.

    Half an hour ago she gave two week’s notice.

  7. @ 5, eric

    Damn, that’s cool. My gf is an Emma Goldman head, so I gotta check this out and show it to here if it’s good. Sounds good. Remember: “If they turn a profit on our work, our work is worth more than we get for it.”

    (found this via bb, too.)

  8. Nawel: I’ve CC licenced the animation so you’d be very welcome to remix it and translate it — it would be rad to have it in Spanish.

    Erik: Yikes! And: Good for her! Let us know how it works out.

  9. Hey, I think your .pdf is really cool. I’d like to do what I can to virally spread this idea. Is it cool if I post your .pdf – with full attribution – to my blog as a download-able as opposed to merely linking to it?

  10. Thanks 1 million; great stuff.

    (found via BB too)

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  12. […] Time Management for Anarchists by Jim Munroe (via Boing Boing). How to be productive without having, or being, a boss. Starring Emma Goldman and Mikhail Bakunin. […]

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  14. […] and writing, from a really awesome perspective. (including a freely downloadable how-to comic book, Time Management For Anarchists). Of particular interest is a project he and others undertook in Toronto a few years back in which […]

  15. Blake: Sure, due to the cc licence you don’t even have to ask permission. Love to hear about it when you do something, though!

  16. Friend Jim,

    I finally got my computer to download the comic, and I totally loved it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this 200-proof shot of pure inspiration.

    One question: could you cite the source of that Michael Moore quote for me, please? I’d like to read it in it’s original context.

    Don’t know if you got my other Email(s). Hope so.

    Take Care,

    Will Tupper

  17. Wow great site and comic.

    Ryan Brown
    http://www.fascistamerica.net – the comic strip

  18. […] Free Anarchomic Released – Time Management for Anarchists, released as a free PDF download […]

  19. here’s a source for that Moore quote, but it’s anti-moore, fyi.


    if you google the phrase
    “people who get up at six in the morning trying to figure out which minority group they’re going to screw today.”
    you’ll find a lot of stuff. lots of people are annoyed with him for saying that.

  20. Thanks, Darren. I suppose I could have looked it up myself, but I certainly do appreciate your help.

    And it’s such a great quote. One I want to keep close at hand as I go about my workday.

  21. Jim, I got to page 24 and had to contact you immediately to say thankyou. You’ve written something that is only going to become more important to me as life goes on.

  22. […] A while back, Jim Munroe started giving a talk called ‘Time Management for Anarchists.’ The talk evolved into a Flash adaptation, complete with historic anarchists Emma Goldman and Mikhail Bakunin. From there, Jim teamed up with Marc Ngui and turned the whole concept into a comic book, now available as a PDF. […]

  23. […] ?????????? ?? ??????? ?? ????????? – PDF ????? ? ??????? ?? ?????????? ?? ???????, ??? ??????? “????????? ???????? ??, ????? ?? ?? ????”.?????????? ?? ??????? ?? ????????? […]

  24. Found your site (again) via Broken Pencil. Nice comic! Will there be more?

  25. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

    I heard about your comic on BoingBoing and I’ve had it sitting around on my hardrive for awhile now.
    I finally read it this morning and WOW! Some really great ideas.
    I’m an artist, improviser and student of theology from an Irish-Catholic/New England Yankee working class family. A lot of these ideas have been kicking around in my head for some time. Like treating Art as a day job. And the immensely focusing power of “prayer”.
    It’s soo nice to hear them coming from someone else. It’s the kick in the arse that I needed to get back to work!
    I hope to hear more of what you have to say!

    Slainte Chugat!!!

    High Reverend Lorelei Erisis; KSC, TG
    Founder, Spiritual Leader and Maitre D’
    of The Organised Church Of Nothing In Particular

  26. I bought your comic the other day, and I truly enjoyed it. Having worked with left-learning organizations (as well as creating comics of my own), I can readily agree that–while authority and hierarchy may be the enemy– structure is your friend. Here’s hoping your thoughts get wide distribution!


  27. I really dig your comic! I noticed that it says No. 1, can I expect more issues? I dug the use of historic anarchist thinkers, the art was good, and the story was good. The ending was cute as well. Keep on fighting man, and stay dangerous!

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  30. I loved the comic. I felt like someone pulled it out of my head.

    I downloaded the comic using Miro and legaltorrents. I just discovered Miro and I am ecstatic about it. If you have broadband it is the greatest thing since whole wheat bread.

  31. […] DIY movement for injecting some semblance of project management into our community, the apex being Jim Munroe’s excellent Time Management For Anarchists. But that focuses on individual self-management and, while that is essential, we need to think more […]

  32. […] and writing, from a really awesome perspective. (including a freely downloadable how-to comic book, Time Management For Anarchists). Of particular interest is a project he and others undertook in Toronto a few years back in which […]

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