May 082009

How does $1 sound?

Sword of My Mouth #1, the first part of the follow-up to my post-Rapture graphic novel Therefore Repent!, is now in stores and this weekend at TCAF. #1 will be the only print edtion — issues #2-6 will be digital only, after which the complete story will be collected together and published as a printed graphic novel. So if you’d like to get them as they’re released bi-monthly through this year, you have two options — you can subscribe to the complete series in a digital format for $6 or pre-order the printed graphic novel for $12 and get a free subscription to the digital issues as well as some other goodies.

In a time when the economy and other forces are making the print pamphlet model unsustainable for many indies, we’re excited to see how this will work. The digital format isn’t going to replace the print book, but it’s an interesting format that allows for cheaper prices and more direct interaction between creators and readers — one we hope to foster by adding commentary.

UPDATE: Pre-orders no longer available, but you can order it here.

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  5. picked up a tangible copy of Sword of My Mouth #1 @ Meltdown Comics in Hollywood recently ….excited for the rest of the series…and heartened by the trend…so far it is just you and Warren Ellis (Freakangels) that are abandoning print copies “floppies” and focusing on trade paperbacks as the finish line….keep it up mr. munroe!

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