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Her baby isn’t quite right. But in a post-Rapture Detroit, not much is.

The first 22 pages of the next post-Rapture story after Therefore Repent! will be appearing in comic stores in May, to be eventually collected into a graphic novel called Sword of My Mouth in 2010. Check out Shannon Gerard’s fantastic cover art and the description after the jump, and if it looks good you can preorder at your local comic store — it’s in this month’s Previews (MAR09 4308, pg. 266). Update: I just saw it’s a Staff Pick at Previews!

(What’s that, you say? You’re behind and haven’t read the critically acclaimed Therefore Repent! yet? Well, lucky thing I’m releasing the full graphic novel as a free download today, isn’t it?)

Sword of My Mouth #1
Jim Munroe (w) • Shannon Gerard (a)

If Ella didn’t have her baby, she’d go crazy from the loneliness. But she might still go crazy from the guilt, because the baby isn’t quite right. The world was simpler before the righteous floated away into the sky, and magic started working.

A stand-alone six-issue story continuing on from acclaimed graphic novel Therefore Repent! (“It’s completely nuts… It’s a book about what if the Rapture actually happened, and that’s all I’m gonna tell you.” —Junot Díaz, 2008 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction), Sword of My Mouth moves the focus from Chicago, under siege by angels with machine guns, to the urban prairie of Detroit, where a different kind of struggle is faced. Folks in the D have banded together to turn land with burned out crackhouses into farming tracts, and seem to be on a road to self-sufficiency… until Famine rides into town. This six-issue story arc will be written by creator Jim Munroe (“a pop culture provocateur” — Austin Chronicle) and drawn by Shannon Gerard.

B&W · 32 pages · $3.99
Diamond Previews code: MAR09 4308

Download .PDF format | .CBZ format | .CBR format
(Slow? You can grab the PDF as a Bittorrent.)
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Therefore Repent!

What if the religious right… are actually right?

Without warning, multitudes of Christians float bodily up into the sky.

For the immoral majority, life goes on pretty much as usual.

Except that after the Rapture, magic works — for those willing to risk demonic mutations.

And an angelic army appears to have been deployed to mop up the sinners.

But through it all, outsiders Raven and Mummy face the possibility of a bigger problem than the end of the world: the end of their relationship.

Praise for Therefore Repent!

“Therefore Repent! is great. Loved the conflict between the old and new religions, plus it’s got Jesus and mutants.” — Joe Meno, author of Hairstyles of the Damned

“Therefore Repent! is impressive, layered, and in places surprisingly funny. I didn’t think it would be my sort of thing, but I enjoyed it.” —Jim Ottaviani, author of FALLOUT: J. Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard, and the Political Science of the Atomic Bomb

“Now, just dealing with the Rapture might be enough of a hook, but Jim and Salgood do a great job of characterization from the very beginning. The two protagonists are so interesting that I had to keep turning page after page to see what and who they were. And yes, Salgood can draw like nobody’s business… I give this book two thumbs up.” —Chris Pitzer, AdHouse Books

“The tale’s offbeat anarchy and peculiar, parodic charms will win you over. It’s like one of those church pamphlets about salvation gone terribly, terribly wrong.John Burns, The Georgia Straight

“Therefore Repent! is an absolutely boundless piece of fantasy that he wisely grounds in very human relationships… to say it’s an imaginative work would be an understatement: ‘unhinged’ is probably more accurate. I can’t wait for more.”— Robert J. Wierseman, Quill & Quire

“The art is extraordinarily fluid and the storyline ingenious and sharply intelligent.” —Jeff VanderMeer, Realms of Fantasy

“It’s completely nuts… It’s a book about what if the Rapture actually happened, and that’s all I’m gonna tell you.” —Junot Díaz, 2008 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction

Joe Shuster Award Nominee for Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Writer 2008

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  1. […] get caught up on the story, Munroe is offering the complete Therefore Repent! online for free. Check out his blog for info on where you can download it. (It’s also for sale in his store if you want to […]

  2. […] But, ladies and gentlemen, we are in luck, because today Jim Munroe (writer of Everyone In Silico and Angry Young Spaceman) and Salgood Sam (a notoriously talented illustrator who I really need to do more research about) have released their critically acclaimed graphic novel Therefore Repent under a creative commons license, and it’s available for download right here, right now. […]

  3. […] I tweeted this the other day, but I really wanted to underscore it and help spread the word. Jim Munroe announced this on his site the other day while announcing Sword of My Mouth #1, another post-rapture work. I read Therefore […]

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  5. Jim Munroe’s THEREFORE REPENT as a free download…

    Jim “Angry Young Spaceman” Munroe sez, I’ve released Therefore Repent! as a CC licenced pdf, cbr and cbz download. (“It’s completely nuts… It’s a book about what if the Rapture actually happened, and that’s all I’m gonna tell you.” -Junot D…

  6. i knew it! last may i spoke to you at wiscon–this conversation didn’t happen in the bathroom– and i was complaining that you were giving away the book that i had bought from you 2 wiscons before. i ended up buying “therefore repent!” and joked “you’re not going to just give this away for free later, are you?”

  7. Hey, just a heads up – the .cbz file reads out-of-order in CDisplayEx, which is one of the more popular comics viewers out there. Made for a very confusing read until I worked out what order things were supposed to go in.

  8. […] other news: John has brought it to my attention that Jim Munroe’s Awesome comic Therefore Repent is now available as a free PDF download. He’s hoping you’ll like his work so much […]

  9. […] * Therefore Repent, un BD pentru adulti excelent, se poate descarca gratuit de aici. […]

  10. @upyernoz: *grin* When I see monitors left in the trash I often think about how great it would be to travel to the future to grab a flatscreen monitor off the curb once they’re obsolete.

    @Hyouko: Thanks — it actually reads properly on CDisplay, which I tested it on, so it’s weird that CDisplayEx didn’t. But I fixed it anyway.

  11. […] fiction has been Jim Munroe’s Therefore Repent!, which he has just made available for free download on his site. It’s a graphic novel about the rapture happening, and what happens to people who […]

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  13. […] Sword of My Mouth #1 Out Soon – "What if the religious right… are actually right? Without warning, multitudes of Christians float bodily up into the sky. For the immoral majority, life goes on pretty much as usual." comic book free to download. […]

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  15. […] You can download Jim Munroe’s graphic novel Therefore Repent for free: What if the religious right… are actually right? […]

  16. […] Repent, Jim Munroe’s post-Rapture graphic novel, is now available in its entirety here in a variety of formats. (Thanks to Matthew J. Brady for pointing that […]

  17. This was one of the strangest, most compelling books I’ve ever read… I just could not stop reading. And I’m still getting periodic goosebumps thinking about it. This is a beautiful piece of art, thank you for creating it, and making it available. I’m gonna go spend money I shouldn’t spend on your stuff now.

  18. […] Can’t wait for the Sword of the Mouth! […]

  19. […] recommend that you read Therefore Repent! Weird, scary, funny, a sharp look at pre-trip eschatology from the outside, and a much, much better […]


    Congratulations! You are now fulfilling the Bible which says “Come now, and let us repeat together.”
    Be sure to repeat what Walvoord, Lindsey, LaHaye, Ice etc. repeat what their own teachers repeat what their own teachers repeat etc. etc. etc.!
    Repeat that Christ’s return is imminent because we’re told to “watch” (Matt. 24, 25) for it. So is the “day of God” (II Pet. 3:12) – which you admit is at least 1000 years ahead – also imminent because we’re told to be “looking for” it?
    Also repeat the pretrib myths about the “Jewish wedding stages” and “Jewish feasts” (where’s your “church/Israel dichotomy” now?) even though Christ and Paul knew nothing about a “pretrib stage” and neither did any official theological creed or organized church before 1830!
    You should read “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” on the “Powered by Christ Ministries” site to find out why you shouldn’t repeat everything your pretrib teachers repeat.
    Do I have to repeat this?

  21. […] super-indie comic comes on the heels of writer Jim Munroe’s prior hit, Therefore Repent, which incidentally, is available for free in digital form by Munroe himself.  Now, I know what […]

  22. […] such Boobs & Dinks; Early Detection Kits. Shannon is the artist on Sword of My Mouth and is also working with TopShelf on a beautifully illustrated series Unspent […]

  23. […] Kindt: son livre _superspy_ m’intriguait. Je l’ai acheté. Shannon Gerard: Sword of my mouth: dans l’univers de Therefore Repent! Jason Marcy (”Hairy bald guy books”, son nom […]

  24. […] let’s face it, can be a sort of doomsday of its own. You can check out the book for free on Jim Munroe’s site. Kamandi: The Last Boy on […]

  25. […] nouvelle : le livre est téléchargeable (en pdf) gratuitement et […]

  26. Josh, do you do the same to science fiction writers? I don’t believe in the rapture but I know a good setting when I see one!

    Jim, Salgood, thanks for this. I was just looking for the online version and thinking “I suppose they’ll have taken it down by now with the book out, what a shame to be poor.”. But no! You are generous guys. Plus Jim I love the site, four years from now when I’ve learned how to write dialog in different voices, I might try to put some of this stuff into action!

  27. […] to work? And then there are the avenging angels… The link is to the .pdf.  Alternative formats available as well.  Where they’re talking about the next novel in the series. By Jim Munro and Salgood […]

  28. Review in Hungarian:)

  29. […] to page count. I don’t have this objection here; the author recently put the entire book online, for free. So check it out if you find the premise intriguing. (And if you think you can handle it, why […]

  30. […] Repent! on ladattavissa ilmaiseksi No Media Kings -saitilta, täältä. Katso myös sarjakuvaromaanin taidetta kauniisti esittelevä […]

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