Aug 082004

When Kate discovers that her roommate identifies as a demoness, she figures it’s too sacrilicious a secret to keep to herself: she tells all on her blog,

This is the basic gist of my new book, An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil, a tale of the urban occult told entirely through Kate’s entries. Starting today, I’ll be posting one a day to the faux blog until all 88 entries (the whole book) are up. [UPDATE: the blog is down.] After that I’ll be writing a spinoff story based on how the poll on the site goes. [UPDATE: This became The Bold Explorers.]

Feel free to add your comments. I’m curious to see how people read this blog version of the book.

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  1. Ordered the book and looking forward to it.
    88 entries long, eh? Trying to think of how the number 88 fits into the numerology that is usually so apparent within the whole demon thing.

  2. Yep. Plus, the site went live on 8/8.

    Also, forgot to mention–the Guardian wrote this story on “blog-busters” mentioning it:,3605,1187545,00.html

  3. If you do not end up ruling the world through evil spells and demonic rituals, it will be through your tireless and never-ending creative work as a DIY master. You make me envious in all the right ways.

  4. the book was awesome. i’m so excited to see it as an actual blog! *goes off to find more of your books*

  5. Rar, you asked how 88 fits into the numerology within the whole demon thing. The eight letter in the alphabet is “h”:
    a b c d e f g h
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    … and HH makes for “Heil Hitler”, which is a nazi greeting. Of course there might be more explanations, this is just the most common one associated with “88”…

  6. Uh… whoa. The working title for the book was Hipster Hellspawn.

    Now I’M freaked out.

  7. Jim Munroe’s new novel in 88 blog entries

    Jim Munroe’s new novel in 88 blog entries Jim Munroe — the author of the wonderful anarcho-science-fiction novels Flyboy Action…

  8. Congratulations, Jim. My bet is placed, my vote is cast: “She is” for sure.

    Looking forward to how it all plays out.

  9. Great opening for the book. I look forward for the 87 following posts!!!

  10. you should enable comments on the roommatefromhell blog!

  11. 88 blog entries = 1 book

    Not knocking. It’s a bad habit I have. But to be honest I think it’s a learned behaviour. It’s so consistently led to excitement and drama that I have to admit I’m probably intending to do it on some…

  12. More numerology:

    8 THE NUMBER OF NEW BEGINNINGS. 8 people on Noah’s Ark (2 Pet. 2:5); circumcision on 8th day (Gen. 17:12); God made 8 covenants with Abraham

    You may want to watch out for divine practical jokes involving floods, sharp objects or sheep.

  13. Hello,

    I’m starting to relate to the main character.
    I reading a blog at work. It makes me feel so decadent.
    I’m wondering if Jim had the numerology bit in his head when he wrote this. Even as a subtext.
    When demonology and religion pop up, numbers and how the relate to the real world inevitably pop right along with it (reference that lovely bestseller ‘The DaVinci Code’)
    I’m convinced that Lilith (see? he chose the name on purpose, I hope) is not a demon and this may represent a non-science fiction effort on the part of Jim
    Either way, I’m enjoying it

    And the other poster was right – you really should have the comments section as part of the faux-blog if you can pull it off. Maybe publish a follow up book on the side of faux-comments to the main character’s experiences
    And y’know? I really didn’t catch the main characters name, or even if it was noted.


  14. Obviously, commenting is a part of blogging–a big part, since it connects the blogger with her community–but it’s not a part that Kate (main character) is interested in. For various reasons.

    Hey, I was just ego surfing at Feedster? (Oh please, you know you do it.) Check this out! Accordian Guy noticed our display!

  15. Hipster Hellspawn tour

    <img src=”” width=”400″ border=”0″ alt=”Jim Munroe”
    What happens when 88 blog entries get posted online? You get a …

  16. tasty’s been a long time since i found something this enjoyable..i will mos def look for your other me something to think about when i paint, and will undoubtedly end up the gift i give to my closet friends for all occassions this year..your observation of T.O. life and living/art scene almost makes me miss it….almost…be well have fun and write on..thanks again,

  17. I read of a few of the on-line entries and decided to support the well polished effort by buying the book, but I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d end up ever finishing it. But rather than get deluted or cliche or too trendy hipster bumpster or whatever, it remained engaging and thoroughly enjoyable until the decently ended ending.

    An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil in the words of Shrek (and others) is like an onion. A sweet, tangy onion. Fun, interesting and engaging on so many levels. Peel one layer anyway and there is another theme just as interesting. Too me that’s the mark of a great book.

    In short a great read! Looking forward to the sequel although she so obviously is not!!! At least that’s what I think today. I hope Jim’s other books are as good as I plan to get them too.

    Great way to promote the book. Why no Boston area tour dates???

  18. It was good to meet you at Word on the Street on Sunday, Jim. I’m really getting into the book now, especially now the defilement has dried properly.

    I’m really really really sorry about the sandwich picture, though. It was your idea!

  19. I think this is my favourite reaction to the fake blog… I always hoped that people might come on it unawares and get drawn in!

  20. Hey…check out a satelite pic above the white house…not only is the white house at the bottom of a very obvious pentagram designed in the streets, but two buildings on either side of the white house sorta look like 88

  21. This is really cool… Be nice to my modest century Good joke 🙂 Why did the hubcap fall asleep? Because it was tired.

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