Too Powerful to Stop!
Jim Munroe is a novelist who left HarperCollins to showcase and propagate indie press alternatives to Rupert Murdoch-style consolidation. There's more than one way to play the publishing game.

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No Media Kings: Too Powerful to Stop!

Too Powerful to Stop!

The Girls Who Bite Back are continuing their rampage on the east coast circuit of the Roadshow. Media tigress Carly Stasko, master ventriloquist Daniel Heath Justice, hammeriní superheroine Mariko Tamaki and editor Emily Pohl-Weary will be doing performances and giving superhero makeovers! You can check out how some of the makeovers went last month on the west coast here.

Between the acts movie-style trailers for Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask will play. Created by indie filmmakers in Toronto and Vancouver, they mark the re-release of Roadshow organizer Jim Munroe's first novel. Munroe will be present to introduce them ONLY at the Toronto kickoff show and the Madison WI grand finale (part of the fabulous WisCon). Those poor souls who can't make it to the show can watch the terrific Toronto trailer (Quicktime .mov, 6 min, 6 megs) or buy it online.

This pic from the anthology is one of the fearsome Parkdale 3, an active agent of anti-gentrification concocted by Blackett and Crump. Matt B is also responsible for the new retrotastic design of the Roadshow this season.
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Roll over your city for the details...

The Pay Phone Tour Diaries

Emily from Ottawa: "I actually kicked Action Pixie during her self-defense class at the end of the evening... "

Sophie Levy from Montreal: "We discovered that we are a recovering superhero band called Superheroina... "

Sophie Levy from Brooklyn: "Brooklyn was pretty triumphant..."

Carly Stasko from Cleveland: "We were at Mac's Backs, we were in the basement there which was cool because it made us all feel really tall, my feathers were brushing against the ceiling..."

Mariko Tamaki from Cincinnati: "We arrived to find out the whole city was infested with cicadas... they must have heard the superheroes were coming and sent the locusts..."

Daniel Justice from Chicago: "One fellow was reluctant, especially with the red shorts over his pants... eventually she talked him into it -- well, she didn't talk him into it, she revealed his inner superhero."

Posted by Jim Munroe at May 12, 2004 07:22 PM

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