Hello, Potential Crewmember & Local Acts!

What's your name?

What's your game?

Where are you based?

What's your e-mail?


First off, the Perpetual Motion Roadshow is more about energy than about medium -- writing, music, movies, art, anything smart and dynamic goes. If you don't present your work in a lively or engaging manner, then I gently suggest you seek out a more appropriate open mic or reading series. Can you put together a 10-15 minute performance that's at home in a bar and a bookstore?
Hell yeah!
No. My poetry simply demands the dignity of [drone drone drone]

Will you send us some of your work? We will get back to you with a mailing address.
(Or, if you have something representative online: )
Naw, I'm not really serious about this... I just like checking boxes. Whee!

I'd like to (click all that apply):
tour the east coast (June-Oct) tour the west coast (Nov-May) be a local act in my city

If you're interested in just being a local act and not touring, you're done! Click here:

Regarding costs: the PMR Agents in each city will be able to provide free crashspace, if told in advance. Because three people will be splitting the car and gas costs, it'll cost about $200-400 ($125-250 US) per person depending on whether there is a car available or whether one needs to be rented -- plus any costs you incur getting to and from the starting city. [NOTE: Recently, people have been finding that if they pass the hubcaps at the events the donations half these costs.]
I'll be able to scrape up the dough.
I couldn't pay more than $200 ($125 US).

Although there are PMR Agents in each city doing what promo they can, by pooling their contacts & audiences in each city Crewmembers can triple an audience of 5-10 into an audience of 15-30. I'll provide handbill art, basic media addresses, and website support, but that's about it. Are you prepared to spread it around via email and take on the responsibility of mailing out press packs of your stuff to media you deem appropriate?
I'm sorry -- "promo"? What's that? I'm familiar with "pomo", but...

The Roadshow runs on volunteer power. After you go on the Roadshow, would you be willing to help out with the Roadshow in some capacity, for instance, be the local contact and promo person for up to three shows in your city?
Sure, I'm OK with putting some volunteer time back into the pot.

OK, that's the hard stuff out of the way, the rest of the questions are just so that if you are invited on the tour we can put you with complimentary folks -- it won't affect whether or not you'll be invited, so don't exaggerate, but we might as well get some of the basics out of the way.

I have a car or access to a car for a week.

I know someone with a car who would be into going on a roadtrip for a week with me and two other interesting strangers.

I'd be willing to drive.

I know folks who'd be great local acts in the following cities:

Toronto Montreal Ottawa New York Cleveland Cincinatti Chicago
Vancouver Seattle Portland Ashland San Francisco San Jose Los Angeles

Where'd you hear about the Roadshow?

Elaborations? Comments? Suggestions?