Sep 082012

In the next month I’ll be visiting a bunch of cities to do Q&As after the screenings of Ghosts With Shit Jobs. If you know folks in these cities, it would be great if you spread the word!

Ann Arbor (Sept. 9, Workantile)
Ottawa (Sept. 14 [with Q&A], Sept 15 & 16, Mayfair Theatre)
Austin (Sept 19, Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek)
Tucson (Sept 27, Arizona Underground Film Fest)

Note that the Austin one will only happen if 30 tickets are reserved in the next 4 days as we’re using Tugg to gauge interest. (UPDATE: Austin is Go!) We can do it in other towns in the US too, so if you’re interested in bringing GHOSTS to your town in November, just fill out this form and we can start to try and make it happen! If you’re not in the US, just email us directly.

Apr 302012

Hey, I’m taking part in this youth initiative that looks pretty good! More deets here.

BFI Future Film and SCI-FI-LONDON Present… Micro Budget Sci- Fi Filmmaking – May 5th, 12:45
Join us for a Q+A with Directors Jim Munroe (Ghosts with Sh*t Jobs), G B Hajim (Strange Love) and Sloan U’Ren (Dimensions) as we discuss the future of sci-fi on film, and making sci-fi movies on a micro budget. Our panel will also be giving feedback on sci-fi shorts made by young filmmakers that will be screened as part of this event.

May 022010

The amazing TCAF is happening May 8-9th. Reasons to go, organized via flavours of nerds:

Comix nerds: It’s got an amazing array of international talent and all the local lights as well.
Book nerds: It’s at the newly renovated Toronto Reference Library, with new rooms and facilities to wonder at.
Game nerds: The Torontron will be there alongside the Hand Eye Society table.
No Media Kings nerds: Shannon and I will be there selling & signing Sword and chatting on panels
Cheap nerds: It’s free. Continue reading »

May 012009

Me and Shannon will be at TCAF to debut the first issue of our Sword of My Mouth, the follow-up to my and Salgood’s Therefore Repent! graphic novel (which had an awesome debut at the last TCAF). It’s already gotten a couple nice reviews (here and here at minute 42 or so) so I’m looking forward to seeing what people think in person! Plus, Shannon will have some of the art from the book available for the event as silkscreened prints, and believe me, she knows a thing or two about silkscreening (google it if you doubt me). Need more incentive? TCAF is one of the best comic fests in the world, it’s free and it’s at a huge downtown library this year. Check it out!