Mar 272003

by Jim Munroe

Having only written two feature-length screenplays with a partner, I’m not willing to pretend a general expertise in the area. As such, this article’s subheads are not What-You-Need but rather What-I-Found-Helpful-To-Have.

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Mar 272003

by Jonathan Culp

First of all, there’s no such thing as a free movie. Every film costs either money or free time or probably both, and hence rests on the exploitation of some form of privilege — even if it’s somebody else’s privilege. So nyaah nyaah, bourgeois artistes…there, phew, that’s over with. Now on to the fun part: you CAN make movies cheap and easy. Here’s some examples of scrounged, found or otherwise desperation-induced filmmaking methods. Continue reading »

Mar 272000

After a certain amount of obscuring time, most writers that have written a novel allow themselves to be convinced by the people who say they’ve done a semi-mystical thing. After all, who doesn’t want to be a semi-mystic? And with a shrug, they give in to the pressure and accept the adulation as if it’s deserved.

So before I cave in, I’m going to lay down how I went about it. It’s a process which has as much slog as sublimity, as much mundanity as marvellousness. If you are frightened of being irreparably influenced by my method, read no further — that’s my only disclaimer, the rest will be unabashed opinionatin’. Continue reading »