Artsy Games Incubator banner by Rosemary Mosco

New Games Released and AGI Expansion

The games created by Round Three of the Artsy Games Incubator are available for download now.

AGI founder Jim Munroe will be running a modified version of the AGI as the Parkdale Video Game Creators‘ group for folks aged 16-24 starting the week of Feb 8th. Round 3 participant Miguel Sternberg (who also created the new masthead, above) will be taking over the coordinators’ role for Round 4 of the AGI, which is tentatively scheduled for February as well. If you’d like to be considered for either stream, e-mail us — & let us know what your favourite game is at the moment and why.

Also, for folks who are interested in running their own AGIs in their city, there is a manual of sorts to get you started. Email us with your city to get a copy.

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Masthead: Miguel Sternberg | Design: Bob